Infomation for JR East Pass

The Japan Rail Pass can be purchased only in outside of Japan, but the JR East Pass can be purchased any major stations in JR EAST area and Narita airports.
Please check the correct information in If the use is limited in JR EAST area (that includes From Haneda/Narita airport to Morioka) and no plan to visit other area like Nagoya, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sapporo, etc.
I strongly recommend JR EAST Pass, because the price of Japan Rail Pass is more than double of that of JR EAST Pass and the valid duration of the Japan Rail Pass has to be consecutive. In contrast, JR EAST Pass (Flexible five-day pass) is valid any five days within a 14-day period starting with the date of purchase.    

this is an example of the correction for the JR passes information.

You’ll be using the shinkansen train (bullet train) to get to Morioka and Iwate Prefecture. These are all run by Japan Rail EAST (JR East), so consider purchasing a JR EAST Pass which a flat fee pass that allows you to ride any train without limits over a set period of time. JR EAST Pass can be purchased online, in major stations (Tokyo, Ueno, etc.), and in Narita airport. JR EAST Pass is valid in any five days within 14 days from the exchange or purchase in Japan. If you have any plan to visit to outside of JR East, Japan Rail Pass is another possibility. Japan Rail Pass is valid for all JR groups covering most of Japan, the valid period is consecutive 7, 14, or 21 days, and the price is more than double of that of JR EAST Pass. The Japan Rail Pass must be purchased outside of Japan.

Please beware of the following when purchasing "JR East Pass":
1) The JR East Pass will enable you to take all Shinkansen of "JR East Company". Additional fee is required for Green Cars or GranClass Cars.
2) JR East Pass can only be purchased by foreigners. This does NOT include Japanese citizens living abroad (you can purchase Japan Rail Pass however).
3) There are two types of JR East Pass:
  Tohoku area type (JR East of "Shutoken" (Tokyo area) and Tohoku Shinkansen)
  Nagano Niigata area type (JR East of "Shutoken" (Tokyo area) and Nagano, Hokuriku, Joetsu Shinkansen)
If you don't buy the Tohoku area type, it will not be valid until Morioka.